Soul's Life Theme | Energy Field Mastery | Tamara Schenk

A soul’s life theme can be considered as an energetic quality. It’s based on past choices and experiences your soul has made. Examples for life themes could be, for instance, abundance, acceptance, trust, passion, partnership, silence, peace, energy, light, inspiration, security, wisdom, success, self-determination, and the list goes on and on.

What is a soul’s life theme?

Imagine you are going to Iceland for a vacation to experience this particular island. You will probably encounter many different aspects of Iceland, such as beauty, nature, and a breathtaking landscape. And you may also experience rain, snow and be cold. Experiencing Iceland in many different aspects is precisely how life themes work. Now, imagine how your experience would probably change if you choose another destination for your vacation, such as Australia, Patagonia, Scotland, or Norway.

Your soul wants to experience various aspects of the chosen life theme.

As an example, my primary life theme is energy (it’s not a surprise that I am so passionate about this kind of energetic work!). “Energy” showed up in many different ways in my life. I always wanted to know what “energy” is, how “energy” is defined. It was the central question I was interested in physics at school. At some point, I had a business development role in the utility industry. I was always interested in the question of where our vital life force energy comes from. Energy is what drives my interest in quantum physics. Also, I am still interested in all questions around sustainable energy.  And I could add another ten areas, where energy as an energetic quality plaid out and is currently playing out in my life in different ways.

Another example for you to illustrate the concept of life themes would be abundance as a life theme. If a soul has chosen abundance as a primary life theme, the person might experience the whole range from poverty to financial abundance and abundance in many different dimensions. Imagine abundance in love or a lack thereof, abundance in wisdom, experience, creativity, inspirations, and the list goes on and on…

Your soul wants to experience your life theme in all different areas of your life. Life areas are, for instance, your private life, your professional life, wellness and health, personal and spiritual development, friendship, family, etc.

In case you know your primary life theme already from your Soul Realignment, you can ask yourself how this theme plays out in all the different areas of your life, now and in the past. If you look at major life events through the lens of your primary life theme, what’s the story then? What additional insights do you gain?

Your soul’s life theme represents the main energetic focus for this lifetime.

One more thing to be aware of: Life themes are not “lessons” we have to learn in one way or another. Instead, your soul wants to express its divinity through the chosen life themes.

As part of your  Soul Realignment ®, you learn more about your primary life theme. What your soul’s life theme means in your content, that’s what we discuss based on your soul’s blueprint. That means we look at the life theme through the lens of your soul group of origination and your main soul energies you are most abundant in. Together, we put your life theme into your context so that you know what it means in your life.

In a Relationship Reading, we look at the specific life themes you and the other person are looking for in their relationship.