“Much More Clarity” | Devina | Kenya

Energetic services such as an Auric Clearing are highly effective when it comes to life-changing situations that cause lots of changes and provide even more opportunities. What’s the right direction to focus on? Is this option really what I want for myself? Or do I only deliver on other people’s expectations? How do I see my soul’s highest path and purpose?
Devina experienced a very stressful time for many months. Additionally, a relocation needed to be managed.
What would be the right next steps for her?

“I’m doing fine! I love my new home and my new life. I refused two job offers, and I terminated my current job! Based on my trust in the future, with the intuition and the wisdom that it was the right thing to do. And I realised that all the changes were necessary for me. I have so much more clarity than before! Thank you!”

The Auric Clearing service enabled her to make courageous choices for her life, based on a new level of clarity, trust, and courage! Thanks, Devina 🙂


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4. August 2018

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