“My life is my own again” | Suzy, US

My own life again |Energy Field Mastery | Tamara Schenk

“My life is my own again” and “such a relief” are fantastic results when it comes to clearing karmic relationships that became toxic over time. Suzy reached out to me a few weeks ago as my content on karmic relationships resonated a lot with her.

“Over the past 5 years, I’ve been experiencing a particularly challenging relational dynamic that seemed to have some spiritual/metaphysical roots. I was unable to make any significant progress in dealing with the dynamic on my own, despite trying several different modalities. I found Tamara’s website and really resonated with her description of a karmic relationship, and decided to reach out to her. The information she brought through as part of the Relationship Reading and Clearing session was really interesting and resonated with my experience in the dynamic, and the clearing work she did in that session, coupled with the follow-up homework she assigned to me, has felt effective at removing the karmic aspects of the relationship and its residual effects. It’s been a few weeks since the clearing, and I’ve been feeling such a relief at having my “psychic space” back and feeling like my life is my own again. Having that external psychic imposition cleared away has also allowed me to start a process of working with my own issues of codependency that were at play in the dynamic, and I believe I’m on a positive trajectory to really deeply healing some issues I’ve struggled with for my whole life. The complex PTSD from the toxic experience is still settling out and I still feel a bit cautious as I feel out this new way of being, but I’m starting to trust that I’m safe and free again and feel some hope for my future. Thanks, Tamara!”

I am glad to assist Suzy in connecting the dots between the soul insights and the blockages that caused the current toxic and highly codependent experience. And, of course, a highly effective clearing process initiated the huge shifts she experienced. And Suzy did an amazing job with setting clear intentions and allowing the clearing to integrate, and she also applied the homework perfectly. Thank you, Suzy 🙂