"I feel like a lighthouse on Earth" | Tamara Schenk | Energy Field Mastery

“I feel like a lighthouse on Earth!” – I had the pleasure of accompanying Daniela over a couple of months with various energy clearings. From the auric field, we worked layer by layer down to the cellular level, where old traumas were stuck. I am delighted with Daniela’s fantastic feedback and the essence of her experience– feeling like a lighthouse on the planet. What a journey and transformation for her! I am delighted and very grateful.

The last six months have been like a journey to myself with the support of Tamara’s clearing programs. Tamara has a beautiful open nature; she responded holistically and gave me the time I needed for the individual sessions. There were frequent breaks on my part that were due to illness – but scheduling went on smoothly. I learned a lot about myself. Now, I know where my soul is coming from and what my soul’s purpose really is. I feel like a lighthouse on Earth, big and strong.
Old beliefs and traumas were cleared, and so much more. Whole layers have been uncovered and cleaned up. Golden-violet light fills me increasingly, and I feel one with the universe. There is a reason why something happens. I’m glad I took this step; the program helped me immensely. Tamara, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your being, your doing, and your presence in my life.

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