“Fantastic Results” | Elke

"Fantastic Results" | Energy Field Mastery | Tamara Schenk

Fantastic results – that’s what Elke achieves for her clients and her business. Elke became an Advanced Auric Clearing Practitioner about two years ago. I am so glad to witness what she has built and achieved with her clients and for herself! Thanks for your trust, Elke!

“Two years ago, I went through Tamara’s Advanced Auric Clearing Certification Program. Ever since, I have focused on my work on children. I achieved outstanding results, especially with children that were diagnosed with ADHD. Re-establishing their energy field’s integrity, they became calmer, clearer, and more focused at home and school.
And I also achieved fantastic results with clients who came in with chronic fatigue or were stuck in their lives. It’s incredible to witness my clients’ transformation and the outcomes I could create for them and myself.”

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