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The times we are living in are turbulent. Very turbulent. You can easily get caught up in all the happenings in the outer world and get further separated from your true self.

Especially in these times, it’s essential that you focus on yourself, your inner work, to develop inner happiness that comes from the core of your soul and cannot be taken away from you, no matter what.

A key component of your self-actualization work is to practice gratitude.

For many years, I observed people who said they would practice gratitude. It took a while for me to get into this mode. And since I started, I became a huge fan of maintaining my gratitude journal daily. Here is how I got into to “gratitude practitioner circle.”

More than a year ago, I started to look deeper into my beliefs. My beliefs about myself. I had a hard time creating a page with positive only beliefs about myself. A few rounds of clearing work, I started again with a blank sheet of paper and asked myself what I wanted to believe about myself.

Then, my pen created my new belief page automatically, guided by my Higher Self. And the first belief about myself was this one: “I am grateful.”

“I am grateful” is fast forward to today, still my top belief about myself. Within my morning routine, I always include my belief work, and when I read my beliefs about myself in the morning to myself, “I am grateful” is the first one on the list.

And in the evening, when I am writing down what I am grateful for looking back at this day, I am always amazed that I usually write about one page in my gratitude journal. I don’t limit myself, but I set myself up to find at least three things I am grateful for each and every day.

The more challenges you encounter, the more critical is practicing gratitude

This year has been challenging for me so far. Not a comfort zone. But a huge growth zone. And that’s what I am grateful for. And yes, I am dealing with grief and the transitioning of beloved souls.

First, my beloved soul cat Flix transitioned at the age of 21 peacefully on his terms to the other side. This situation was not unexpected, instead, I know since October 2020 that he was in the last stage of his life, dealing with chronic kidney disease and vestibular syndrome. However, I am deeply grateful for the time that was given to us. We could process his transition together, go through the different phases until the final stages.

Second, my older sister, who experienced a heavy accident eight months ago, passed away early in August. A very different situation. A shock when I heard it, a very different process I had to go through. It hurt me deeply. Surrender, acceptance, and love. Understanding that her soul chose to leave a body that couldn’t support her adequately.

It’s these times when practicing gratitude keeps you going. It’s the tough times when it matters what attitudes you master and how you can master yourself navigating through those times while remaining in an attitude of gratitude.

Practicing gratitude regularly

This first one is an ad hoc method you can apply: Take a deep breath in, hold it for a moment, and slowly exhale. Repeat this sequence three more times. Then, reflect on all the moments, memories you could experience in your entire life. Say thank you, and feel thank you, and let this energy flow through you. Be aware that experiences that were heavy at the time when they occurred might be great learning and growth experiences from today’s perspectives.

The next one is a regular practice: Maintain your gratitude journal and write down what you are grateful for on that day. Practice this for a couple of weeks and months, and then take some time and read all the beautiful moments, memories, reminders, and experiences that brought gratitude into your life—every single day.

Practicing gratitude drives happiness

It’s not just a feeling, it’s actually proven. Several studies out there, also by Harvard University, show a direct correlation between practicing gratitude and an increase in inner happiness.

And when you are grateful and happy, you get much easier into a receptive mode which is essential for your manifestations.

  • Where there is gratitude, there is no fear.
  • Where there is gratitude, there are no doubts and hesitations.
  • Where there is gratitude, there is no sadness.
  • Where there is gratitude, there is no lack.
  • Where there is gratitude, there is inner freedom

What I am grateful for

I am grateful for my life, all the opportunities in my life to make a difference, my masters and teachers, my beloved amazing soul cats, those who crossed the rainbow bridge, and those who are physically here with me, every day I wake up and every evening I can look back at the gifts of my day, my courage to change things, the gift of understanding why my soul chose my parents, the strength to follow my path, making small steps every day.

I am grateful for everything they have given me, I am grateful for all my past relationships and what I was able to give, share, experience, and learn, and I am grateful for all the realizations I have, all the amazing teachings I could receive, all the beautiful techniques I could learn to work on myself and to help others.

I am grateful for beautiful friends who support me on my journey in various ways, I am grateful for the beautiful place I’m living, I am grateful for my amazing husband, I am grateful for developing a lot more trust in my life, I am grateful for my courage to try new things, to follow my path, to face obstacles and to navigate with my heart. I am grateful for my beautiful for my amazing community, and I am grateful for my beautiful clients, I have the pleasure to work with, and I am grateful for the future clients that I already feel in my heart.

I am grateful for the sun showing up every day, for my morning walks, my morning rituals, and my gratitude practice, for the inner child I am happy to take care of, I am grateful for the food I have on my table each day and the ability to help others who are not in that place, humans and animals alike.

I am grateful for constantly learning new techniques such as how to clear trauma emotionally, mentally effectively, and at the soul level. I am grateful to be soon able to support those of you who experienced any kind of trauma throughout your life.

I am grateful for you being here. I am grateful for your presence and energy. I am grateful for your trust.

Text: © Energy Field Mastery, Tamara Schenk

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