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Today, let me share some perspectives on another law of Divine Right Order–Connectedness or the Law of One. If you missed the blog post on the first law of Divine Right Order, Unconditional Love, you could check it out here.

The universal law of connectedness or oneness can be approached from various perspectives. Let me begin with the most important one, your chakra system.

You are always connected to the Earth via your 13th chakra.

If you already experienced an Advanced Auric Clearing with me or via my on-demand program, you learned that you have not only the seven embodied chakras but also eight so-called morphogenetic chakras. Four of them are below your feet, and four of them are above your head.

For those who are new to the human energy field, let me briefly explain how this works.

I am sure you are familiar with your blood circulation system. It makes sure that your blood can quickly get to every cell of your body to distribute nutrients, minerals, vitamins, etc. You also know that in the case of arteriosclerosis–blockages in your blood circulation system–the ability of your blood to distribute nutrients and to get to every single cell in your body is reduced. In heavy cases, some arteries are completely blocked, and serious physical symptoms occur, such as a stroke or a heart attack.

Your energy system works similarly. You have seven embodied chakras that serve as energy centers. It begins with your root chakra that’s located at the base of your spine up to your crown chakra at the top of your head. Plus, the additional morphogenetic chakras as mentioned above.

Your energy or chakra system does the same as your blood circulation system. Just for energy, not for blood. For vital life force energy to be precise. You accrete vital life force energy from Source (the universe, God, whatever term works best for you) via your chakras. And as you can imagine, if your chakras have no blockages at all, you can accrete the maximum amount of vital life force energy, and your entire body/mind/spirit system is perfectly fueled with energy.

If you have a lot of blockages in your chakra system, you cannot accrete enough vital life force energy, and the energy cannot flow freely through your energy system. And that can cause, for instance, nine critical symptoms of auric attachments and physical symptoms over time. You can learn more about these symptoms in this video.

Back to our actual topic: as we discuss connectedness, one of these morphogenetic chakras is of particular relevance, and that’s chakra number thirteen, also called Earth Core chakra.

That means that you are energetically always connected with the Earth, with the Earth’s core, to be precise. Every incarnated soul has its 13th chakra, Earth Core, connected to the Earth.

What does it mean to be energetically connected to the Earth?

First, you learn that you are not separated from Earth, that Earth is nothing outside you. You are energetically a part of Earth, connected via your 13th chakra.

Second, you learn that the concept of separation or isolation is an illusion. You are always connected to the Earth as every other living being on the planet. And that means that you are also connected to everyone else. Energetically.

Third, you learn that every distortion in the Earth’s grid system also impacts your energy system. So, whatever energetic clearing work you do, you always do it for the Earth as well, precisely in the area where you are living.

Fourth, this realization may inspire you to rethink how you walk on Earth and that how you treat the Earth is how you treat yourself.

At A Glance–We are all connected, we are all ONE.

You as a soul are an individuation of Source (the universe, God, the infinite, etc.). That means that you hold the universe’s wisdom as well as your individual, innate gifts and talents that make you a unique individuation of Source. Think about the combination of your soul group of origination, your main soul energies and their percentages in your soul energy profile, as well as your unique, innate soul gifts and talents.

Every individuation of Source is energy.

Energy is consciousness.

Everything is energy. Everything is consciousness.

At the quantum level, we are all connected; we are all ONE.

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