Unconditional love | Energy Field Mastery | Tamara Schenk

We are living in turbulent times. And we are also living in times of great transformation. And whenever times are really challenging, we have a choice to make.

The fundamental choice to make is the one between fear and love.

Many governments and the media around the world are driving more fear every day. I don’t want to go into the details here, but we all know what’s going on out there. The principles are the same all over the planet, just the forms and shapes are a bit different in each country.

You can choose to follow the fear-based narrative and allow the fear to determine your life every single day and in every aspect going forward.

Or you can choose the way of love, and to work on yourself as you never did before, to grow and empower yourself faster than ever.

The choice is yours. Let me give you a couple of good reasons why I chose the way of love.

The first law of Divine Right Order–Unconditional Love.

The law of unconditional love is an element of what we call Divine Right Order. Now, what is this? The laws of Divine Right Order are basically the operating principles of our universe.

The first of these operating principles is unconditional love. Unconditional love is the first original intention of our universe. The universe makes sure that every particle and every individuation and species are imbued with unconditional love. Applying this law is the universe’s will, also called source will. And source will is precisely the opposite of free will which is what humans have.

That means if you align your free will choices to the universe’s will, you make choices that are in line with unconditional love. If you use your free will directly against the universe’s will, you make choices that are not based on unconditional love–choices that are based on fear and that drive fear.

What does it mean in practical terms?

Unconditional love is a state of love that just IS love. No strings attached. It’s a state of being that means that how you approach everything, it’s with love. And that requires complete self-love.

Only if you love yourself, are you able to live love and to love without expecting something in return. It’s not giving love to receive love. Unconditional love is not a “deal” in any way. Unconditional love is not expecting anything in return. It just IS love.

Ask yourself in every situation, and especially in stressful situations: How can I turn this situation into love?

Apply this principle for a while and you will experience miracles, smaller ones and bigger ones.

Love–the cure and the building block for the time to come.

It might sound a bit simplistic, but it is the truth. At the core of all the turbulences, we experience right now around the world, is a lack of love and an overload of fear.

One of the key reasons why humanity is where it is right now is that most people’s heart chakra is closed. And that leads to more fear and not enough love. With a closed heart chakra, people cannot develop unconditional love. And that leads to a lack of trust, and a lack of trust encourages fear to take over. And fear is at the core of what we experience right now in the outer world. No wonder that we are where we are.

How fear works–shutting down brain functions, driving further separation.

Fear has a very low energy frequency. Only shame, guilt, apathy, and grief have an even lower energy frequency. The current, fear-driven climate also impacts individuals that are usually not driven by fear.

Fear also leads to further separation from yourself and others. And that’s directly against another law of Divine Right Order, the law of connectedness. This is not even just a spiritual concept. Instead, quantum physics has proven this decades ago on a particle level, that everything is connected to everything.

Fear shuts down brain functions. If fear increases and the body prepares for action, the brain function shuts down. When the amygdala senses fear, the brain’s center for reasoning and thinking (cerebral cortex) decreases at the same time. That’s a real problem as clear thinking is no longer available to you. And this is precisely what you can experience in the outer world.

With a decrease in clear-thinking abilities, fear and anxiety also lead to withdrawal from your visions and dreams, goals, purpose, and mission. Another result of brain functions that shut down, is that you feel paralyzed and as a victim of your own fear as you cannot even use your mind and clearly think about the next best move.

And finally, fear blocks your manifestations and that’s the main reason why you don’t live your life’s purpose. If you are worried and in fear, your sacral chakra is blocked, your cerebral cortex is impaired and you cannot manifest your desired outcomes and live your life’s purpose.

Love unites. Fear divides.

That’s in a nutshell my key message here. If you want to change the current circumstances in your life and in the world, you have to begin deep in yourself. You have to clear all energetic blockages in your auric field, tons of karma, soul level blockages, and often even more trauma. All these steps help to clear your heart chakra and to open it up to love, to unconditional love. And it’s from your heart, how you make a difference in your life, in other people’s lives, and in the world. Do the work. Now.

Love empowers. Fear enslaves.

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