“Very happy and satisfied” | Betty

Clearing side effects of medication | Energy Field Mastery | Tamara Schenk

I am glad that I could help Betty’s mother to master her 4th covid vaccine without any side effects. She experienced severe side effects after the first vaccinations and the booster shot. This time, I prepared her energetically before she received the vaccine and performed a clearing right after she received this shot. And, luckily, she did not experience any side effects this time.

I arranged an aura clearing and a vaccination clearing for my mother prior and after her 4th covid vaccination with Tamara Schenk. After the first 3 shots, my mother experienced significant side effects, which we wanted to prevent this time. Well, with the clearing, she had no side effects at all. My mother and I are very happy and satisfied. Tamara works very professionally, very empathetically, extremely responsibly and above all: successfully! Thank you very much!

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