“Feel healthier and stronger” | Daniela

Healtier and Stronger | Energy Field Mastery | Tamara Schenk

After an infection, Daniela felt tired, and she didn’t get back into her usual energy. An Advanced Auric Clearing with an additional Vaccine and Medication Clearing made a huge difference. Grateful and happy to witness Daniela’s recovery. Thank you for your trust 🙂

I am writing this feedback a week after my advanced auric clearing session. I feel relieved, as if a load has been lifted from me. I can breathe more freely again. Tamara’s guiding voice cast a spell over me; I saw lights with closed eyes in a deeply relaxed state. Now I feel bigger, more awake, healthier, and stronger. I perceive more and take on the position of an observer, as Tamara said. A new era has begun that feels very good. I am myself again, feeling myself again, and I am in self-love. Thank you, dear Tamara, for your energy, voice, and being.

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20. July 2022