“Attracted My Dream Career!” | Tom, NL

Tom was fired from a senior director role in marketing, due to an acquisition. A few weeks out of the organization, he experienced that he was mentally and emotionally, not in the right place to attract the roles he was looking for. Working with the elements of the brand new CIP Career Manifestation Program, he effectively mastered his career challenge!

“I was in a state of low energy and low confidence, not in my power at all, after being fired as a high-performer. I really felt miserable. I had to acknowledge that I needed a different approach to fix my career challenge this time! When I came across Tamara’s new program, I was impressed. I experienced a very different approach to tackle a career challenge. And I was skeptical, in the beginning, I have to admit.
Then, I loved it! This program connects the dots between mind and soul, provides highly effective energy clearing techniques that are super valuable beyond my career, and it opened entirely new perspectives for myself, learning so much about my innate gifts and talents! Also, I loved and really appreciated Tamara’s ability to present, teach, and coach in a serious business context, and a business language. Long story short, the program was super successful for me. Not only did I learn a ton about myself, I also regained my confidence, and built even more power and energy, I finally identified my dream career (which was slightly different from what I thought it would be), that was even better paid. Highly recommended!”


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28. January 2020