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Recently, I processed a karma clearing session for a client. It was a warm day, and I had the door to the balcony open. From my desk, I could oversee some parts of the living room but not the entire balcony.

A few moments after starting the session, I noticed that a pigeon walked into the living room. Not one of those I already knew visiting us on the balcony. She was new here. I never met her before. She was very calm, very peaceful. No stress, no flying around. Nothing like this. It was evident that she was here for a reason. She stayed where she was, a few meters away from me, looking at me. She enjoyed the session, and just before the end, she walked out again.

What does it mean when animals show up in such a situation?

Whenever you are in a specific situation (a situation that means a lot to you) and an animal shows up exactly in that situation, there is a deeper meaning.

In my case, when this lovely pigeon showed up, I was in a situation where I followed my soul’s mission. My soul’s mission of empowering human potential by clearing energetic blockages that are holding them back.

In that situation, I received a vast universal confirmation and encouragement to follow my transformational journey with love, inner peace, strength, and compassion. Let’s have a look at the deeper meaning.

Love and compassion

Pigeons don’t cause harm to other animals and also not to their environment. These beautiful birds have been considered messengers of love, peace, compassion, and harmony for a very long time.


Pigeons see beyond people’s intentions and sense their true heart and soul essence. And that was the case in my situation. She sensed me and my inner essence; she felt me following my soul’s mission with the work I love, and she connected with me on that level. Just staying with me in that very moment said it all.


Pigeons never give up. They don’t give up spaces where they have lived, nor do they give up on challenging tasks that might be beyond their perceived capacity. That’s probably one of the reasons why there are also human “pigeon haters” out there. Because when they are removed from areas they lived in because houses are built, they are genetically determined to go back to their places. Their willful determination is – persistence.


They are. We have a couple of wild pigeons visiting us on one of the balconies regularly. One of our cats, Howy, was great friends with them. He never tried to attack them. Instead, he loved them as his friends and communicated with them. Howy passed away more than a year ago, but the pigeon couple declared us as friends, too. They are visiting us fast forward to today, constantly receiving a little pigeon snack from us.

Pigeons take on the responsibility of bringing compassion to others, delivering excellence in everything they do, and carrying out sensible actions to keep a person’s trust.

Connecting the dots for you

Let me close the gap for those of you who don’t know some parts of my story. I have always been a big animal person, grew up with dogs, horses, and cats. While I love all animals (and yes, I don’t use the word “pets” as it classifies animals from a human perspective only), I feel connected explicitly to cats.

The last six years with my soul cats Max, Flix, and Howy have taught me many things I wouldn’t have learned otherwise. I helped explicitly one of my cats, Flix, who came from the animal shelter as a highly fearful and depressed senior cat. He received auric clearings, and we also did a lot of karmic work; and he evolved into a happy boss cat who even onboarded another cat into his territory, like being a leader all his life. Flix and I share a unique story and an even deeper bond that goes way beyond his incarnation. I wrote a book about my Soul Cats in German first (Seelenkater), and in January 2022, it will be available in English! Stay tuned…

Why am I writing about this today and here at Energy Field Mastery? Well, there are two reasons.

First, I learned so many things over the last couple of years from my cats that I can absolutely call them my best friends and teachers.

Second, the work I do here at Energy Field Mastery can be mainly applied to animals as well. And ideally for humans and their animals together. Yes, energetic clearing work and self-actualization are not restricted to humans only. Stay tuned; you will find more information about specific services for animals and humans shortly.

© Energy Field Mastery, Tamara Schenk

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