Do you know…
… what your main soul energy is? Do you know what soul energy you are most abundant in and what it means? Do you know if you have two dominating soul energies?

You should, because your main soul energy is what your soul is made of. Literally. If you express your main soul energy you are most abundant in, it’s much easier for you to manifest your goals and visions, to manifest abundance on all levels of your existence. Only then, you are creating and manifesting in line with your soul’s highest path and purpose, leveraging the gifts of your soul.

There are eight different soul energies, such as divine compassion, divine creation, divine order, divine love, divine self-expression, divine truth, divine power, and divine wisdom.

In general, you have access to all eight soul energies, but the question is in what soul energy you are most abundant in. That’s the one that takes up to 50% of your soul’s vibrational spectrum, and that’s a lot. Some souls have a primary and secondary soul energy centre. In this case, both energies represent 50-60% of their soul’s vibrational spectrum.

Your main soul energies describe what your soul is energetically made of. Embracing and consciously leveraging your main soul energies empowers you to create and manifest your goals and visions in line with your soul.
As always… if you choose to do so.

Four things that are important to know: 

  • All soul energies are perfect as they are; there is no soul energy better than another one. Consider your main soul energies as divine gifts.
  • Embracing your divine gifts allows you to tap into your divine power, to create abundance on all levels of your existence.
  • In case you have a primary and a secondary soul energy, it could be more challenging to balance and leverage both soul energies accordingly
  • You might resonate more with who you want to be instead of who you are at soul level. That’s why you maybe don’t consider your main soul energies as gifts. Another reason could be that energetic blockages hinder you from successfully leveraging your divine gifts

As always, it’s your choice to discover, embrace and use your divine gifts; or to choose not to do so…

Finally, soul context matters!
Your main soul energies have to be put in the context of your soul group of origination and a few other soul profile criteria, such as your soul’s life themes and soul specialisations. Additionally, your current energetic blocks and restrictions will also be identified and cleared with a soul realignment ® service.

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