A soul reading provides you with valuable information about your soul’s status and profile. That means you learn more about where your soul comes from, what your most important soul energy centres are, what your soul specialisations and your soul’s primary life theme are, and many more fascinating aspects of your soul. These attributes define what you are energetically made of.

When clients get this information, they typically feel deeply understood because the findings resonate so much with them. They can easily connect the dots on a higher level. You will also learn what blocks and restrictions your soul currently shows that might prevent you from manifesting what you want and from achieving what you envision for yourself in various areas of your life.

What are energetic blocks and restriction in this context?

Examples of blocks and restrictions can be, for instance, bindings, spells, pacts, contracts, curses, vows, negative thoughtforms that might be directed at your or created about you, negative and unjustified karma, negative entity attachments, or negative spirit guides. Some of these blocks and restrictions are running a program that can manifest at one of your chakras, on your emotional or mental body. Imagine there is a program of, for instance, doubt, shame, trauma, or guilt running through you. It might be a great eye-opener for you as to why you are regularly running in similar situations, why you are often reacting with similar patterns in certain situations, and you don’t know why and where this reaction comes from. “I heard myself saying…”, or “I observed myself doing this or that…” are typical symptoms of blocks and restrictions that exist on a soul level, and that means they exist on an energetic level.

Other blocks and restrictions just come with an energetic statement that impacts your current experience. Imagine you are impacted by the energy of disempowerment or doubt. Then, as an example, ask yourself how the energy of disempowerment is currently showing up in your life. It can impact all areas of your life such as, for instance, your relationships, your friends and family environment, your work, your fitness and wellbeing, or your personal development.

A soul reading would end here. A soul reading would leave you alone. Just with this information. The question becomes: So what? What is the point of reading blocks and restrictions and leaving the client alone? That doesn’t make any sense to me. Imagine you are diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and you are left alone without any advice, ideas, suggestions, and processes how to deal with the issue and how to potentially heal and overcome the disease.

A SOUL REALIGNMENT ® takes the process to another level and is also realigning your soul back to its original soul blueprint.

That might sound scary for some of you. It is not. It’s the most natural thing to do; it’s like cleaning up your soul’s basement. Realigning means to clear the current blocks and restrictions in the highest good of all, and updating your soul blueprint energetically. And the latter is the most important element in my opinion. It means that blocks and restrictions are always neutralised and transmuted with divine love, light, and truth before they are released back to source. That’s why realigning your soul to its divine blueprint is simply divine beauty. In action. Realigning also means to re-establishing a clear channel of communication between your subconscious, conscious, and superconscious so that you have full access to vital life force energy at any time and under all conditions. And it means to update your soul record with the highest path and purpose available, which leads to elevating your level of consciousness.

SOUL REALIGNMENT ® provides you with highly valuable information about your soul AND identifies your current blocks and restrictions, AND it realigns your soul back to its original soul blueprint.

The question is, how are blocks and restrictions created? You create them. I create them. We create them. We create blocks and restrictions by the choices we make. Period. Nothing magic, mystic, or anything beyond our control. No such thing as “my spirit guide did that to me…” No. Never (spirit guides never tell you something, they only guide you).  We create our individual experience by the choices we make. It’s as simple as that.

These are the reasons why I always take time in my sessions to point out the impact of free will, of our intentions and of the choices we make. Making choices against our soul’s nature creates a block or restriction. Making choices against Universal Law of love, connectedness, collaboration and the law of cause and effect (karma) creates blocks and restrictions.

After a SOUL REALIGNMENT ®, your consciousness increases a lot. That means you should become more conscious regarding the choices you make. And that will help you to make FEWER choices against your soul’s nature, against universal law and MORE choices that are in line with your soul’s highest path and purpose. However, your experience depends on your intentions and your choices. It’s also YOUR choice how you are going to apply the incredible value of a SOUL REALIGNMENT ® process.