You probably know already that everything is energy, and that energy is everything there is. Thanks to Quantum Physics, this is all scientifically backed up for a long time. What does this mean for your life, and how can a Chakra Assessment and Activation help you?

The flow of your vital life force energy controls your experience of life.

The better your energy can flow, the less restricted it is due to blockages, the better is your overall experience of life.

The vital life force energy has different names, such as Ki or Chi in ancient Chinese medicine, Shakti in Yoga, or Spirit in the West. The name doesn’t matter. This energy is what you feel when love rushes up into your heart. When you experience deep joy, that’s pure vital life force energy. And this energy comes up inside of you. Now, how is this energy controlled and distributed through your being? This is where chakras come into play.

Your chakras control your flow of energy.

Chakras are energy centers within your being. These chakras focus your vital life force energy, distribute it, and keep your energy flowing.

Every experience in your life, positive or negative, is something that’s passing through you. There are constant energy shifts and flows taking place in your chakras. This is how you take the universal life force energy through your body, and that’s how you get your life force energy in the first place. And this energy flowing system is what controls your life.

The ideal state is when all chakras are open and fully balanced.

It means that all your seven embodied chakras are equally activated to 100% of their energy holding frequency.

Whenever a chakra closes and gets in a state of imbalance, the flow of your energy is going down. And that negatively impacts your experience of life. Now, why would a chakra close at all?

Life experiences where you went “analogical” create blockages and the related chakras close.

What does that mean, going “analogical?”

Imagine you experience an accident, an abuse (mental, emotional or physical), or a shock such as, for instance, being fired out of the blue, or discovering a betrayal, then the time seems to stop for you. It’s a moment of “no time.” You go “analogical. At that moment, you close the related chakra, and an energetic blockage is created, based on the emotion you feel in that moment of “no time.”

Depending on the nature of that experience, the blockage attaches to a specific chakra. For example, in a situation of a betrayal, the energetic blockage attaches to the second chakra. If you are fired from the blue, your self-esteem might be impacted, and the blockage attaches to the solar plexus chakra.

The more analogical experiences you had, the more blockages you created, and the more chakras are underactive or closed. And that leads to a low energy frequency and a blocked energy flow.

If you had a lot of experiences where you went analogical in the past, the more energetic blockages you will have. Most probably in different chakras. And that means that some or even the majority of your chakras are underactive or completely closed. Imagine what that means for the flow of your vital life force energy?

Exactly. Your vital life force energy can no longer flow. You might experience challenges in several areas of your life, as well as aches, pains, or even more severe health issues.

Even if your analogical experiences happened long ago, the energetic consequences still negatively impact your life today.

Whenever an energetic blockage is created, the related neural nets plug together. Your brain is now aware of those blockages. Whenever a similar situation happens, hesitation and fear come up, and your brain’s primary goal is to protect you. Then, you resist the experience, and it can now longer pass through you. Instead, the energetic blockage gets even bigger.

In a nutshell, these are the consequences of “unfinished business” in your life:

  • The more analogical experiences you had in your life, the more energetic blockages are stored in your system.
  • These energetic blockages lead to closed and underactive chakras.
  • The flow of your vital life force energy is blocked.
  • Your overall energy frequency is low.
  • You have a hard time achieving your goals and living the life you want.
  • In the long run, closed and underactive chakras can lead to serious health issues.

This is what a Chakra Assessment and Activation can do for you:

  • You get an overall assessment of each chakra’s activity.
  • You learn what the results mean regarding your health and experience of life.
  • Together, we map the findings to your current challenges and goals.
  • All your chakras get fully activated and balanced to 100% energy holding frequency.
  • You get a download from your Higher Self.
  • You receive guidance on how to let experiences pass through you.

A Chakra Assessment and Activation lays the foundation for a happy, successful, and joyful life!

After the session, with all chakras open and 100% active, you will have a much higher level of vital life force energy. And that’s the prerequisite to attract different situations, different people, different places, and events. Then, if you choose to make different choices, you will experience different results.

Are you sick and tired of being stopped and held back by your past life experiences?

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I’m a Licensed Certified Auric Clearing Master Healer, certified by my teacher and mentor Toby Alexander.

This modality does not replace medical diagnosis and treatment. Energy practitioners do not diagnose medical conditions, nor do they perform medical treatment, prescribe substances, or interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional.

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