We all come into this life with old baggage from previous lives. It’s baggage that has never been “unpacked.” And then, we add to it during this life.

Think about negative thought forms, illusions, beliefs, imprints, contracts, vows, attached entities and many more energetic blockages. They all negatively impact your life, on a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual level. The more energetic blockages exist, the stronger their impact is on your life.

As an example, think about the thought form or the belief that all men or women are emotionally unavailable to you or that you don’t deserve a better job with more responsibility. Guess what you will experience? Your relationships and job situations match your expectations, nurtured by your thought forms and beliefs… Why?

Because all these blockages determine your thoughts. And your thoughts determine your words, your words determine your actions, and your actions manifest your reality. And that’s your experience. So, the impact of energetic blockages is that you probably aren’t living the life you want for yourself, and you are stuck in your growth journey.

  • Do you feel stuck, in your job, your relationships, or your evolution?
  • Do you repeatedly find yourself in situations you don’t want to be in?
  • Do you feel that others can push your buttons way too easily?

Then, it’s probably about time to book your Auric Clearing Service!

An Auric Clearing Service begins with your intention, what you want to manifest for yourself. Then, during the online session, we scan your energy body and clear your energetic field (all chakras, including the morphogenetic chakras, portals and wormholes) with assistance from the universe. You will also get a soul “update.”

After the clearing, free from your previous blockages, you will have a higher energy level that allows you to attract different situations, different people, different places, and events. Then, if you choose to make different choices, you will experience different results.


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