My Story

I have always been fascinated by energy, the vital life force energy, that flows through all of us, that connects us with source.

In school, I didn’t understand why “God” should be something that’s outside of us. No, this energy that drives all of us, was within me, was flowing through me, … that’s what I felt. As you can imagine, I was very isolated with my perspective.

When I was asked about my goals as a child, I always said I want to develop myself as best as possible, to be able to help others. And I visualized the idea always with a big tree with strong roots, connected to the Earth and the Heaven at the same time.

More than fifteen years ago, I started to question the consulting job I had at this time. I followed my intuition and booked a spiritual weekend seminar for business people. I experienced and learned so much about myself that this course without any doubt changed my life forever.

Ever since, I have taken classes, traveled around the world, learned, and practiced. I have earned, for instance, a certificate as a Sundoor Master, and as a Sundoor Breathwork Practitioner, and I attended a two-year spiritual leadership program in Scotland, with Peggy Dylan and Stephen Mulhearn. During this time, I got in touch with energy work, such as reading energy signatures and reading the Akashic Records, as well as Reiki. New topics and new teachers, such as Toby Alexander, Andrea Hess, and Victoria Mulhearn showed up.

My own aura clearing and soul reading, done by Toby Alexander a couple of years ago, was again a turning point in my life. Step by step, I have worked on the energetic blockages that came up, that didn’t allow me to live in alignment with my soul’s path and purpose. Different choices had to be made; choices I couldn’t make before I cleared old blockages.

Clearing energetic blockages became second nature to me, in all areas of my life. It made my life so much better: more intensive, more effective and more successful! My consulting job turned into a research role that is much more closely aligned with my soul’s nature. With all the energetic and soul reading work I’m doing, I’m way more effective in both roles now than I could have been before.

Focused energies create synergies. Focused energies create a movement.

I’m dedicated to raise the bar, energetically, for you, for humanity, for the animal kingdom, for the planet. Aho.



Energy Field Mastery